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Hey everyone, I hope you’re all good and had a great week/end? My week was interesting right from the get go. Somehow in my Monday lecture the topic of women in the workplace arose and you know the age old question of family vs. work that only ever seems to affect women. Topics like this always interest me and naturally I asked the question that is always asked: Can women have it all?
Hello guys! How have you been? It’s been a while. Apologies for that. I couldn’t post last weekend due to logistics. I was on the coach back after a lovely weekend in Brighton with my friend. How was your Valentine’s Day/weekend so far? As for me I was at a wedding which was quite nice. The valentines day topic leads me nicely into the crux of what this blog is really about.

Hey guys! Happy new month! February already, time surely does fly. I can’t lie, January felt like it dragged! How was your week? I won’t even mince words on my side, my week was nothing short of terrible.