Being content

Hello guys! How have you been? It’s been a while. Apologies for that. I couldn’t post last weekend due to logistics. I was on the coach back after a lovely weekend in Brighton with my friend.


How was your Valentine’s Day/weekend so far? As for me I was at a wedding which was quite nice.  The valentines day topic leads me nicely into the crux of what this blog is really about.


So, basically I’ve been single all my life (literally) and to be quite honest I can’t say I was happy. I’m the person to tell others, ‘If you can’t be happy alone then you won’t be happy when you’re in a relationship’.  Whilst I did the latter I definitely didn’t adhere to the former so you could basically say I was a hypocrite.


The worst part of it all is that there was no real serious reason as to why I wanted to be in a relationship. If anything, it was a severe case  of keeping up with the Joneses’ . From the later stages of secondary school to sixth form and now university I’ve been surrounded with people who were in relationships. At times it seemed as if I was the forever single friend.


It was late last year that God made me realise that my mindset was all shades of wrong. In short, I need to live in my purpose. There is absolutely no point pining for another relationship status because when eventually you get there you will realise that you wasted your single years.  There is a time for everything and just because it isn’t now it doesn’t mean that it won’t come.


So, what next? I’m going to focus on the gifts and talents that God has given me and hopefully nurture them. My mindset has changed for the better and I’m much happier and definitely content.


Single,saved and NOT searching!


^ (for the foreseeable future anyway lool )  ;)