Musing of the week

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all good and had a great week/end? My week was interesting right from the get go.


Somehow in my Monday lecture the topic of women in the workplace arose and you know the age old question of family vs. work that only ever seems to affect women. Topics like this always interest me and naturally I asked the question that is always asked:


Can women have it all?


Right now it doesn’t affect me but later on in the future would I have to face up to this reality? It seems that it is no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ that this situation will arise. Prior to this week I’ve engaged in such discussions before but it’s like the older I’ve become the more I realise the truth in it all.  I believe we can have it all but then again it’s easy to say when you’re 20 years old and have no ‘family’ like that so to speak of.


I wish it didn’t have to be one thing versus another and that everything was as easy as ABC. That’s not the only issue either. It is difficult not to get riled when in this enlightened era men are still being paid more than women for doing the same job. Why? I mean both sexes are doing the exact same job yet not paid the same? People will say that ‘The wage gap is closing’ .


Umm hello. It should have never been there?!


I don’t mean for this post to be about the ‘woes’ of being a woman but I do feel that we do need to wonder and think. We need to question things and not just take everything at face value.  It would be great if the gap fully closed but then again it may never. Life goes on I guess. It’s just one amongst a number of injustices that happen in our world.


On a lighter note(ish) March is round the corner. Excited much? I know I am


Have a great week everyone!😀