What a blessed week

Hey guys! Happy new month! February already, time surely does fly. I can’t lie, January felt like it dragged! How was your week? I won’t even mince words on my side, my week was nothing short of terrible.

It sucks to hear a bad piece of news just as the week is beginning. Most of my woes stemmed from work but really and truly it was much deeper than that. Now, I don’t know about you but when I’m upset it is very rarely seldom just about one thing; it is a culmination of issues. So really and truly work was the tip of the iceberg.


No matter how bad things may seem I believe that you can always learn something. Below are the things I learnt about myself this week:


1. I’m too hard on myself


For some reason I expect that I should have everything figured out and ready to go at the grand old age of-wait for it, 20. Even typing that was ridiculous and this thought needs to go. I’ve decided to look at situations objectively and take every experience as a lesson where I can learn something. I shouldn’t just look at all the negatives in my life without focusing on the positives too. There needs to be a balance and that is definitely something God is helping me with.


2. I’m in search of perfection


Now, if I myself am not perfect why do I expect anybody else to be perfect? We are all a work in progress. This reasoning is flawed on so many levels. For starters if you’re looking for perfection you would never meet anyone and it would be hard to sustain a relationship with this way of thinking. I’m happy that this ridiculous notion doesn’t follow me in my friendships otherwise I would find myself a very lonely fellow.


3. I overthink!


Oh my goodness this one cannot be more true! It needs to stop.Really. Nothing positive can be derived from this and it brings more confusion than anything else. If something has happened, it has happened. Learn a lesson from it. Keep.It.Moving. 


4. Take each day as it comes


Now, this is something that God has really been drumming into me. Stop thinking about the future and all its little details. Do what you need to do each day and guaranteed the future will take care of itself. Set yourself targets,goals or whatever and aim to stick to it. Trying to conjure up the bigger picture is scary. Adding strokes to the picture each day is much more doable and realistic too.


So, upon reflection I guess this week wasn’t too bad eh?😉


P.S. I aim to release a post once a week, on Sunday evenings.