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Hey guys! You know when you just have an epiphany? Like you’re there minding your own business and then it just hits you? It could be something that you’ve been trying to understand for a while and it could just be something new?
I can’t say that this week got off to the best of starts but everything worked out in the end. Somewhat😉

Today I want to write about something that I guess we have all experienced under one guise or another; peer pressure. It has trailed me from primary school and all the way now up to University. I guess I just thought that it was only relevant to teenagers but it seems that it is a recurring theme that will pop up at different stages of life. The difference however is that as we get older it can manifest in more subtle ways. Let’s go back to basics and find out the definition of the word....
First of all I want to start by saying a ‘Happy Easter’ to everyone! May we not forget the true meaning of it all and the greatest sacrifice ever known to man! Now, many of you may have been aware of my absence on Whatsapp especially. What with my firm status of ‘Not available’ it was hard to really speak to me. It really is no hard feelings to anyone. The crux of the matter is that I needed a spiritual time out.