Just one of those weeks

I can’t say that this week got off to the best of starts but everything worked out in the end. Somewhat😉

So, last Sunday I got back from Spain and was tired like you wouldn’t believe. Too bad that I couldn’t even really rest properly seeing that the next day I had (or was supposed to have two interviews). The first was for 10am.


Now, the first interview was for a university job and I had already planned to leave a little earlier seeing that the interview slots would be given on the day. I figured that it would be possible and still make my other interview.




Let’s just say the first interview never happened.


I was late!


My fellow commuters know that Monday morning was a madness. Trains were delayed by an hour and there was just utter chaos. I couldn’t believe it to be honest.


Me that prides myself on punctuality was going to be late- through no fault of my own.


I took a photo and promptly sent an email detailing the current situation to the employment department.


Needless to say the woman didn’t seem impressed when I arrived an hour late. She did however mention that it was still up to me if I wanted to continue with the process. Coupled with the fact that the interviews were starting at a much later time and I was going to leave a little later I politely declined.


Truth be told I could have made an effort to get an early slot but I already felt that I had got off on a wrong foot. In the next recruitment cycle I may reapply or not- who knows.


What did I learn from all this? Sometimes things happen out of our control and it is up to us how we respond to this. Prior to this week I had prayed about the upcoming interviews. I’m a very indecisive person so prayer was definitely needed.


I definitely did all I could humanly possible to ensure that I was ready for the day. How would I have ever known other events would overshadow it all? I can’t lie I was a bit peeved seeing as I am seldom ever late.


After the whole debacle I decided to just move on and not dwell on it. God is definitely in control and I needn’t worry. I felt a peace about it all afterwards.


I eventually did get the job from the 2nd interview but then I decided not to go to the training day. I realised that I was missing too many days of uni and considering that I have an assessment coming soon it wouldn’t have been sensible I felt.


Notwithstanding, I’m happy I still went ahead to the interview because it certainly opened my eyes to the real world and gave me some practice for the future.


By the end of the week, everything worked out in a way that I didn’t expect. The power of prayer is real!


I hope all of you have a great week and regardless of whatever challenges you will face just remember that God has got your back- always!