About last month

First of all I want to start by saying a ‘Happy Easter’ to everyone! May we not forget the true meaning of it all and the greatest sacrifice ever known to man!


Now, many of you may have been aware of my absence on Whatsapp especially. What with my firm status of ‘Not available’ it was hard to really speak to me. It really is no hard feelings to anyone. The crux of the matter is that I needed a spiritual time out.


 I remember going to the last ‘Pinky Promise’ meeting and just telling God;


‘I know you’re tired of me because I sure am tired of myself’.


What did I mean exactly by that?


I wasn’t happy with the lack of direction of my life

I have an idea of my purpose by what to do?

I lacked Spiritual motivation

Something has got to give

These were just a few of the questions I had. I knew deep down that a month out to just really focus on God was needed but I kept pushing it to the back burner. After the meeting however, I just knew that March needed to be that month.


Man. When I say that challenges started coming from the beginning of March it is no joke. Like. It’s as if situations just came crawling out of the woodworks to torment me. I had to really dig deep within myself and ask some tough questions. Coincidentally I had been tasked with reading the book ‘ Make it Happen’ by Lara Casey. The Bible along with that was what was got me through the month. For real.


Through everything however I learnt a few salient points which I want to share in this post.


I need to 100% trust in God. Not 99% or any variable below 100 because that just is not enough.

I realised that I had ‘trust’ issues with God. My lack in fully letting go and giving everything to Him was hampering me and limiting my walk with Him. How can you fully see the beauty of a thing when you are not totally sold on the item in the first place? That needed to change and pronto too.


Don’t get lost in this thing called life

So many of us are just living but not actually living. We’re stuck in a rut, a routine  and a way of life. Moving like clockwork. It is so easy to get lost in it all but we need to remember ourselves.


Let go of the deadweight. It could involve habits, people and the like.

It’s often used to mean just dropping people and moving on. Other times it involves releasing the things in your life that are not getting you anywhere. You know what I mean. A bad habit that is restricting your process. A bad habit that has you going around in circles with no definitive destination.


Kick laziness to the curb.

Often times we’re busy doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Time is being wasted and life is going on. This needs to stop.


God really is everything.

Since I had removed the main distractions in my life it brought to light what really mattered. The fact that I had nobody else to turn to made me cling unto Him more than ever. Never let go of your relationship with Him. On a real, He has seen me through some of the toughest things in my little journey of life so far that nobody else could have done. It is so worth investing in this relationship above everything else.


March is definitely over but the lessons I learnt remain and I must stay I breathed a small sigh of relief that the month was over. I would so recommend taking time out and discovering yourself in minute detail. Some of the things you find out just might shock you like it did to me😉


Remain blessed and have a great week!