My 2018


How has your year been? Great, abysmal or a 'let's not talk about it' kind of year. Either which way you're alive! At least you must be to be reading this so that counts for something right?


As usual I am back again with my annual end of your blog post. I've been a bit quiet on this blog and that is because I have been discovering myself offline which will reflect in due time online. 


So, what were some of the lesson I learnt this year? Hmm. Quite a few but I will try to keep it short and sweet.


1. Hold on to His word



If God has given you a word hold unto it for dear life. I touched on it briefly in my graduation post but I will speak on it more here. The word that He gave me has and is still seeing me through. Life post uni was interesting to say the least. September was the best and worst month of my life. I was job hunting like crazy and my faith was stretched like never before. So many other things were running through my mind at the same time and nothing seemed to make sense. What do I want to do? What do I not want to do? Can I merge my creative talents with other things? Should I just stick to what I know? And so on and so forth.



 I literally cried every single day in September. I remember meeting up with two of my girls early October and saying that this was the first week where I had not cried so that was a testimony in itself.


It was in this month however that I got to know God more than ever before and really understand what it means to trust Him. Totally. I can confidently say that the quarter of the year has been my favourite and that is all down to the growth I experienced in Him.


I thank God that He did come through for me and I got a job. I'd be lying if I said I still understand where everything is leading but things are becoming a lot more clearer and I see how He is piecing the puzzle together.


So yeah, hold unto God and hold unto His word. It works.



2. My Identity in Christ



Again, this last quarter of the year I really learnt more about who I am in Him and what it means. I learnt that my identity is not tied to any role I have, anything I own or what people say about me; it is what God says about me that matters the most. We are all unique and the plans He has for us differ.  We know this yet we still watch the time of others. Why? The timings of our life are not the same and we are all in various seasons. I learnt (afresh) to stay in my lane and mind my own business. So no comparison, no asking 'Why me', no self pity. Instead I choose to keep my eyes on Him and trust that His timing is best.


When you know your identity in Christ you are secure. Insecurities have no choice but to leave. Whenever they come up you remind yourself of who God says you are. When you know your identity in Christ you do not try to emulate anyone because you are you and they are them. I could go on but I will save that for another blog post.



3. Friendship is everything


Good friendship that is! I have learnt the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded and good people that will encourage you. Most importantly I have seen the benefits of Godly friendship and the unique accountability that it brings. Whilst it is great to be surrounded by such people it is more important to BE that person.




It was also the year that I did my first blog related event which was pretty cool. Here is to many more (maybe, possibly).


Going forward and into 2019 I am determined to use my time better and to live fearlessly. All in all 2018 has been a very good year for me and foundational in many regards. Whilst I do not know what 2019 has to offer I do know that God has gone before me and because of that I walk in that assurance.