My 2017



So, we're in the last few hours of 2017 and my what a year it has been! I'd say that for me it has been a stabilising year; no fireworks but no downfalls either. I'm not complaining however because it was much needed after last year which was not the best for me. Below are some of the things I learnt.



Honesty is always the best policy


Really. It is. It does not matter how hard it may be to say it, if it is true and needed then it must be said. Delivery is of course important and one should consider how you say your truth but make no mistake- speak the truth regardless. 



Expand your horizon


I've made the mistake of just sharing my blog with those I know but this year I realised that some of the best support I've received are from people who I do not actually know which is quite humbling. When you expand your horizon you won't sit there and be getting upset that friends aren't checking out your material or whatever because there's a much bigger world out there way beyond your known sphere of influence. You would be surprised to know who checks out your work. The 'Guess What' podcast team covered one of my  posts, which was pretty cool! I'm learning to network a lot more because if truth be told I've been pretty rubbish in that area and these business cards won't hand themselves out so I need to step up my game!



Keep the Faith


My faith has been tested a number of times and there have been times where I've felt like calling it a day but I thank God that I'm still standing. I often struggle with having faith when circumstances seem to suggest otherwise but whenever I look back I can't think of a time when God has left me out to dry. He always comes through and that alone keeps me going. I'm learning that taking my relationship with God should be one day at a time and slow progress is better than no progress.




Rekindling friendships


I'm so happy that I've rekindled friendships with those that I've known for a while because when it's all said and done there is something about old friends. Sometimes we can take them for granted which is wrong. I've also strengthened friendships with people I've met recently and I can honestly say that I'm happy with my circle of friends. There's always space for new friends so watch this space ;)




Know what you want


It is so important to know what you want when it comes to relationships. I don't believe in beating round the bush and this has helped me in avoiding messy situationships. Yes, there is room for compromise but do not compromise your fundamental beliefs. If someone cannot meet it another person will. I'd be lying if I said I understand this dating minefield and to be honest I'm so over it. It's better to be alone than in a relationship where you're putting in more effort than the other party all the time. Do not in a quest to combat loneliness entertain what you should not. God sees the desires of your heart and in due time it will happen.





It's not been a bad year travel wise and I went on my first ever solo trip to Barcelona which was amazing! I also went on a much needed trip back to the motherland alone which was great before finally going to America for the first time ever- Texas ,to be precise. I'm looking forward to more travelling next year to countries I'm yet to visit.




Going forward there is one thing that I have promised myself that I will do in 2018- be my unapologetic self. For too long I've been accommodating others at the expense of myself and shrinking my being in the process. Ironically I'm understanding of the mistakes that others make whilst being so hard on myself when I make mistakes. Well, that is going to change and I will be more understanding of myself and not be so hard to the point of crippling myself. I make no apologies for being myself, warts and all and if me being my authentic self makes you feel uncomfortable then I'm not sorry- not in the slightest. I don't even want to have the 'fake it till I make it' confidence. I want the real thing and I know that with God on my side there's absolutely nothing that I can't face!



Bring on 2018