Experiences 2

My worst fears were confirmed. Life was coming forth from me that I never expected. I didn’t know whether to scream or cry.  Nobody else was around, just me in the cubicle.  Instead of moping around I washed my hands and stared at the my reflection in the mirror; I was a mess. My life was an even bigger mess. What to do? For starters I’d have to tell him that we were going to be parents much to his displeasure. Where had it all gone so wrong?  How had this happened and why me? Nothing serious was meant to come out of it and now possibly the most important thing had been produced.  Try as I might tears refused to form. A woman entered the toilet, paused then looked at me critically.


” Hello, are you alright?”


“Umm. I’m fine” I lied.


I wasn’t exactly going to divulge my woes to a complete stranger.  With one last look in the mirror I gathered my belongings and left. With steely determination I left the station and made my way to uni. Life had to go on- and not just mine but the one inside me growing too…




The first part of this story is reality and the rest is fiction. I really was extremely unwell but that was it; nothing more and nothing less But Imagine finding out the results and discovering you’re pregnant all alone? An unexpected baby? Scary right? Imagine finding out that your life is about to chance whilst you’re all alone in a cubicle and imagine how you’d have to break the news to your nearest and dearest? A part of me empathised and I just decided to write a little piece about it.❤