It was 7:30pm but judging by the colour of the sky you would have though it was much later. Perks of the Autumn season. The train was beyond packed and I suddenly began to feel sick. Really sick. I uttered a silent prayer and closed my mouth for dear life because if I opened them I feared what may come out. Drops of condensation dripped down the windows echoing what my face looked like. I needed to get out of this train-and fast. The train was moving ridiculously slow and I feared that I was quite literally going to collapse. All the seats had been occupied and I had varying limbs poking into me as I stood up. I could feel my eyelids gradually giving way, an unseen force bringing them together against my will.





I had arrived at my destination but all I had to do now was battle my way out swiftly but surely. Thank God there was a bench nearby. I quickly rushed to it, sat down and breathed. Twenty minutes passed by and I was still rooted to the bench trying to get my body together. It didn’t quite work and I had no choice but to go to the toilet.


It was in that cubicle, on a cold November evening that I realised that my life wasn’t going to be the same again…