The 'N'word

So if you aren’t aware, Dappy from the former group ‘N-Dubz’ released a track and the N word was used. By that I mean ‘N*gger/a’ or whatever silly way people choose to spell it. Now, I’m not here for to hear why it’s acceptable but I will let you know why I feel it’s wrong that he used it on so many levels. First of all however let’s look at the common reasons as to why people say it’s fine for him to say it:


Black people use the word on each other so what’s the issue?



Where do I begin with this nonsense statement? First of all why would anyone want to use the word? The History behind it is disgusting and every time I hear it it actually irks me. To begin with, a black person using the word on another black person does not carry the same weight as someone else from another race saying it. It really is that simple. When a white person says it, it is reminiscent of things that occurred in the past and a reminder that people died at the hands of those who thought one race was below another. Now, let’s get one thing clear; I’m not for anyone saying the word. I won’t have a black person say it to me either but that’s just me. You will NEVER catch me saying it either but I’ll be damned if someone from another race will be ‘policing’ how,when and where the word can be said. It doesn’t work that way-at all. You just don’t say it. Period. Other ethnicities don’t get a pass either and this whole “we’re both ethnic minorities so we can say it to each other” type of solitude does not wash with me. Just don’t say it. Ever. And certainly not to me.



My Best friend/half sister [insert any other distant relationship/ family word] is black.


And so?


Listen, it doesn’t matter if all you grew up with were black people you just don’t say the word. Period. Looking for an excuse to utter it is just pathetic and really makes me wonder why. People utter these excuses as if one can be “Black by association”. LOL. We will see if this “Association” matters when push comes to shove. I don’t have the choice to just wake up and decide to be a different race but yet others feel that they can decide (when it is convenient) to be black, as if it’s a switch.


In my ideal world the word would be banished but life doesn’t work like that. Just know that there is no “Pass” / excuse to use the word and just because some of your black friends don’t flinch at you saying it doesn’t mean that others will allow you to. After all, it’s not a ‘One size fits all’ policy.