Trying something different

Hey! I’ve decided to share more as to why I’m fundraising for the charity’ Dig Deep’. Having been involved with various different charities as a volunteer and in other capacities I decided to find out more about this charity in question. I had heard about them last year at uni but I wasn’t very much aware about what they do.


I thought it was a great idea to be able to fundraise whilst also doing what you love. As some of you know I LOVE travelling and climbing Kilimanjaro is a bucket list dream so why not do it and also raise money for charity?



 What I love about the charity is that they promote a positive picture of Africa and not the the negative and stereotypical images that we see all too often. Furthermore they’re a small charity which is beneficial. There is no denying that charities have received a lot of flak in recent years with people questioning where exactly the money is going to. It is no wonder that a few people have been a bit sceptical when I have discussed my recent venture but I’m happy to say that ‘Dig Deep’ is a very transparent charity with nothing to hide. I wouldn’t put my name to something that has questionable practices.


I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next year August and plan to do a number of fundraising activities along the way. I’m a newbie when it comes to fundraising but I’m excited nevertheless!


I’d be grateful for donations of whatever amount and if you’d like to give and be a part of my journey my page is—>


Thanks in advance!