Self Appraisial

Hey, hope you’ve all been good and that your weekend was blessed. I know mine was😉


Recently I’ve been thinking about myself- and not in a self absorbed way😛 . Rather in a critical light. I’m a firm believer of self appraisal and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It’s not enough however to be aware. I mean awareness is great but what are you doing about it?



It’s great to know your strengths but equally important to know your weaknesses. For me I find that I can be emotionally extreme ;there is seldom a middle ground. This isn’t great because not everything in life is like a switch and we as human beings certainly aren’t. It’s bad not having a middle ground because you’re tempted to just walk away from situations feeling detached and nonchalant.I can’t lie its been hard trying not be either on or off but God has definitely been helping me.  The important thing to realize is that self appraisal is a lifelong process and as long as we’re striving to be better than we were yesterday then that’s a good thing.