My Summer was...

Heyyy! It’s been ages since I last wrote here lol. Apologies for that. I took some time off and then some.


I’m going to talk about my Summer and how interesting it was. Plus I think it’s good to reminisce about especially considering that I start back at university tomorrow!


I think it’s fair for me to say that July was the best month for me! Parties after parties and gallivanting everywhere. My weekends were jam packed with fun galore😉 .


To be honest my Summer was extremely long. It began mid May and well, it’s still ongoing to be fair. This year I decided to focus on working more which wasn’t too bad. That in itself presented a few challenges but I soon got over them.



Without sounding dramatic and cliche I can honestly say that this Summer has been life changing. It has taught me so much on a personal level and I really do feel that this Summer I gradually started come out of the shadows of childhood and into the corridor of adulthood.  It was a season where I became a lot more confident. It feels weird typing that and I won’t deny that I’m still fiercely introverted at times. I will say however that I am learning to exercise confidence and being much more vocal about things.


Of a truth one could say that I’ve ‘changed’ which I wouldn’t deny. Another important thing I learnt this Summer is that I should love myself more. Because if you don’t who else will? I’d say I’m still on the road to loving myself  but I believe it’s an ongoing process.


August was a particularly testing time and It taught me to be content and to enjoy life in 2D because just sometimes you can’t afford the 3 dimensional features-hard times.


Whilst everything else was going on I still had to look for a house for the upcoming academic year. I wanted to move out just to get that bit more of ‘independent living’- whatever that means.  Well it’s been pretty cool so far and I’m beginning to relish being in full control of my time. Of course I still have pangs of homesickness but it’s gradually subsiding. And besides, I’m still within the outskirts  of London so I can always see them- even if its a trek😉


So yes upon reflection my Summer was nothing short of amazing. From the highs to the emotional lows its been great and I wouldn’t change anything that happened- and trust me a lot did. Here’s to a fruitful new academic season ahead and an even greater Summer next year😉