Being honest

Hey all! How is it going? I hope you’ve been good, Today I want to talk about being honest.


I don’t know about you but I find it hard to express myself if I’m not happy about something a person is doing. It’s not so much that I am scared but rather that I don’t want to tip the equilibrium. You know what I mean; on the surface everything is good.  It’s fair to say that most people are wary of confrontation of any kind. The stress that can come with it may leave us feeling that it’s better to just not bother.



Whilst sometimes this approach can work, at times it just does not cut it. Sometimes you just have to say how you feel. Now, it is always better to be mindful  of how you say it. There is no point adding unnecessary aggravation for no reason.


I do wonder at times if we are all walking on eggshells and concealing how we really feel about matters or things that people do? Well guess what? One day the shell is gonna crack and you will have to face the reality. It is quite a serious thing. I’m sure we’ve all heard stories or tales where people separate or divorce and when you find out the reason you wonder if it was really worth going separate ways for. What we fail to realise however is that life is made up of the little things. So, if over time there is one ‘little’ thing that someone does that actually grates your gears it will eventually mount up to one ‘big’ thing if we don’t say anything.


Don’t you think life would be so much easier if we are more transparent with how we  feel and save us a lot of headache? I reckon it would to be honest😉