6 monthgs of being...

Hey! As some of you may know I’ve been Pescatarian since the beginning of the year. I didn’t let everyone know because I wasn’t really trying to be dissuaded or just hear unnecessary opinions if you get what I mean😉


Some of my friends have asked me what the rationale was behind it all. It’s a fair enough question which deserves a fair response right?😛


If truth be told it’s been coming for a while. I cannot say I was ever a hardcore carnivore from the onset. White meat was more my thing. With that being said since I was young I never really loved meat per se. It was more a thing where I felt like I just ate it because I felt I had to? You see growing up in a Nigerian household meat is pretty much a big part of our cuisine.  I remember when I was younger I would just dash the meat to my sisters or worse still throw it in the bin (sorry mum and dad ).


That isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy meat at all. I mean, there were a few that I really liked. And truth be told the real test will be when I go back to Nigeria & I’m back in the presence of Suya (which is amazing)!   For those who don’t know Suya is like seasoned grilled strips/bits of meat mixed with onions. My description doesn’t do it enough justice but I digress.


The most common question I’ve gotten was if I did this to ‘lose weight’ or become much more healthier. The answer is quite simply no. Last year when I was way more serious with my fitness regime I was a lot fitter & slimmer to be honest without the eradication of meat. It is very easy to become an unhealthy Pescatarian as I discovered all too quickly.


I aim to do it for the whole year. Whether or not I continue after that only God knows but I have really enjoyed it so far! Has it been challenging? A little. Any regrets? No. I think in December I will write how it has been becoming Pescatarian for the whole year.  The biggest challenge so far is yet to come- Christmas! With each passing day I’m less phased by it and I am positive that I will not cave in during that time!