Growing Pains

You know that phase between being a teenager and an adult? Yeah I want to call it ‘Growing pains’. At least that is what I am going through. The recent elections highlighted so many things to me. I can’t even say I was that clued up beforehand but in the months leading up to it I read up more on the different parties. It got me thinking about how the policies could possibly affect my future.


It’s weird because It’s as it I woke up one day and the cold harsh reality hit me that I’m no longer a teenager.  The moment is a little bittersweet because it means that I have to aim to be more responsible. It also means that I need to think about how actions now will affect my future. A good thing however is that if a proper foundation is set now, it will keep me in good stead in the later years.


Can I just say that from the little I’ve seen adulthood seems overrated? It’s so ironic how when we’re younger we’re in a rush to ‘grow up’, and ‘be adults’ yet when we do reach that stage we miss the innocence of youth and the carefree days.


One thing I am discovering though is that life is harsh. I’m still staying with my parents so I’m not as ‘exposed’ yet but from the little I’ve seen outside it’s totally different. Working has definitely opened my eyes to things that I wouldn’t otherwise have known and it has caused me to develop a much thicker skin.


I know that I’m not the only one in this iffy, in-between stage. The good thing however is that it won’t last forever and one day (very soon) I’ll look back and smile.