Things I see on the underground

Hey! Apologies for my absence last week. I was at training and it overran. So much has happened this past week that I wonder if what I wanted to discuss before is still relevant. This week saw the entrance of a new government. To be honest I was indifferent. The only thing I’m happy about is that there is one party in power. Another coalition would have been detrimental to the progression of this country I feel.


What I wanted to talk about was a certain advert that got the whole nation talking. Literally.


 If you’ve been on the underground recently you would have seen the ‘offensive’ poster in question: ‘Are you beach body ready?’


I personally was not offended by the poster in question. If anything I cringed at the wording because in any case you should be aiming for a body for life and not just a season. That’s the problem these days. Too many jump on diet fads and the like without any real long lasting changes when in fact you should live a healthy lifestyle. I digress.


The reaction of the general public surprised me and I was mildly amused. Some said it was teaching our young girls that only one body type is acceptable. Others said it was ‘fat-shaming’ . Let me start with the first  point.


I have always had an issue with this when it is said. Yes, society has a part to play in the upbringing of children but to leave sole responsibility to society is wrong. Parents should be the ones showing their children what is right and what is wrong.   It is down to me as a parent to let my child know that no matter what images society may throw at them they are beautiful regardless. Now unto the other point.


I am really struggling to see how the post fat-shamed anyone. With this argument there seems to be no ‘middle ground’ so to speak. I don’t know which irks me more; the anorexic models that are often thrown at us or this notion that ‘real women’ look a particular way. Well, I cannot relate to any. I’m not skinny and I’m not plus sized. These are the two extremes that are regularly discussed. Yes, I appreciate the new movement to be more inclusive of women with varying shapes but when you now brand only size 16 and above as ‘real women’ there is a problem. A big problem.


What indeed is a ‘real woman’?


                     Who decided what a ‘real woman’ looks like?


                                                  What criteria should a ‘real woman’ fit?


                                                                      Why are smaller sized women not deemed ‘real women’? 


The list is endless. What image are we portraying then? This view is just as wrong as brandishing stick thin unhealthy looking models. There needs to be a middle ground somewhere. 


Having said all of this however I do think that they wording of the advert was rather poorly thought out.


The key thing in everything is confidence. Confidence is not dependent on the size of your waist and I’ve seen all different types of bodies having fun on the beach. Own your body, look after it and just have fun!