Resting on your laurels.

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Apologies for not posting last week. It was a serious case of writer’s block or laziness? I’m still trying to decide. Hopefully it won’t repeat itself.


Today I want to talk about that thing.


That thing that you do so well. So effortlessly.


That thing that brings you inner joy.


 That thing = Your Gift


I really believe that we all have something great within us that will bless and impact our world. More importantly God knows it too and it’s His desire that we use that gift for Him.


So what happens when you know what your gift is? You don’t take it for granted. I remember shortly before I started GCSE English, I was confident in the fact that I could write and I thought that English would be a breeze.




The grade that I got for my first draft was abysmal. I didn’t fail but I wasn’t happy with what I got. I’m grateful for that episode in my life however because I learnt a lifelong lesson. Never think that your gift will be enough and being cocky about it is a definite no no.


We’re all aware of the saying that:


 ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough’


The truth in this is so much and best believe that you cannot ‘rest on your laurels’ so to speak of. If truth be told, the moment that you discover where your gift lies it’s the beginning of hard work.


I’m guilty of not taking myself seriously. I’m guilty of just sitting there waiting for something to happen whilst doing nothing and I’m guilty of setting goals and not actively pursuing them.


This blog is a small way of exercising my gift and God is helping me in being faithful with it.


What keeps me going is the fact that I don’t want to stand before God and be found wanting. I want to be able to say that I used what He gave me to His glory and I did all that I could to use my gifts.


What’s your excuse?


But more importantly what are you doing about it?


Let us help each other reach our goals and reach our destiny ultimately.


Have a great week!