Hey all.  I’ve been all over the place this week emotionally; some good and some bad. Something I’m learning is to not always give into them. It’s not always easy considering that I’m quite a sentimental person at times.


I learnt a very important lesson this week in the guise of friendships. Sometimes you have to


Let them go.


Harsh right? Let me explain further.


 I’m a hoarder by nature. Anything and everything that I attach a connection to is being kept for future reference. I still have some pieces of work from secondary school and birthday cards are definitely kept. As with traits it can have a good and bad side. When it comes to friendships I tend to do this. I guess you could say I was/am a friendship hoarder.


We all do it to one degree or another. That friendship that is going nowhere but due to history we keep them. For what? As I’ve gotten older I realise the less friends you have of greater quality the easier your life is. Another thing is that there are different types of friendship.


The ‘I bump into you’ friend


You have each other’s numbers but seldom, if ever communicate. Whenever you happen to bump into them however it’s all good and conversation flows. Nothing wrong with this. Over time it may delve into something deeper and sometimes it just stays the same. It is what it is.


The ‘Forever busy friend’


We have all been there and even at times been that friend. Life happens, situations occur and attempting to speak to people may be the last thing on our minds. I’m guilty of this at times. What I do is send a quick text asking about how you’re doing. I’m a firm believer that nobody is too busy to send a short message just to check up on friends. Truth is we’re all busy people but you make time for those you want to. There is no other way to sugarcoat this and sometimes you just have to accept that you don’t feature that much in people’s lives for them to want to bother. I’ve had to realise this and life goes on. No hard feelings😉


The ‘Family friend’  friend


Loool. Everyone can relate to this right? The family friend for many years that really you have a few things in common with but just for old times sake you speak from time to time. At times there is no real progression in the friendship. Once again, not necessarily a bad thing.  Not every friendship has to be ‘deep’ and it can be purely superficial (not in a bad way).


The ‘ We go way back’ friend


Similar to the former but the difference is once upon a time you guys were inseparable. Two peas in a pod kinda thing. People change, life happens and sometimes, just sometimes you drift apart. Seeing this person reminds you of maybe more ‘innocent’ times and so just for old times sake you catch up once in a while.  Sometimes it feels a bit awkward but just because you don’t want to disturb the equilibrium you keep pushing on.


And on.


And on.


And on.


You hope that it dies a slow natural death but it doesn’t. It’s just there. Basically.


The ‘Forever Friend’


Now, this is my favourite type. You know those friends that you don’t have to speak to regularly but when you do it’s just great? You don’t have to try as much because you just get each other. The type that time changes, you both change but your friendship transcends time? Timeless. This doesn’t mean that you have known them for years; you could meet a ‘forever’ friend tomorrow. It’s that real. When you have one don’t let them go and never take them for granted. That’s the only real danger, don’t become complacent but then that applies to any type of relationship. More often than not they end up forming your core friendship group and you already see a future with them.


This list is by no means exhaustive and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Whatever category you may find yourself in-because to someone else you may be, the key is just to love everyone really.


Have a blessed week!