Walking on Water



I’m no Peter but I am walking on water.

Some days I’m afloat and other days I am drowning.

Taking it a day at a time is a stretch that I cannot reach out for

so I take it hour by hour.


I need to find my point of focus,

but the sky is foggy from my tears

coming down like a downpour.

My vision is misty but I can just about

make out the man far ahead of me beckoning me to 



So close and yet so far.

A battle of the mind.

Tug of war between my faith and my reality.

I am sinking.

Faith 0.

Reality 1


If I cannot take a step of faith

How can I take a leap?

I have lost focus.

My arms are flailing

I am drowning in my emotions.



Even within the fog

I can see the man walking towards me,

Almost halfway.

I think He will stop. 

After all, halfway is a good middle ground.

I think I can reach it.


But He continues,


Beckoning me to come.

Just as I feel as if I am about to drown

He is in front of me,

Wiping my tears and walking with me.



Because sometimes it is easy to castigate Peter

And question his faith

Until we are in the midst of the storm.


Walking on water.