2018: So far so good?


Happy New Year! Considering that I haven't blogged since last year I can say that right? I decided to take time off in January for some self reflection before coming back to write.


How has this year been for you so far? So many of us begin with a bucketful of enthusiasm and then as the days pass on it unfortunately peters out. What happens then? Do we continue to muster up encouragement or feel as if it's too late and then wait for another new year before we implement the changes that we so desperately need right now?


My year started off better than last year though I can't say that I've been bowled over recently and to be honest I have nobody to blame but myself for that. It's not been all bad however as I feel that I'm going through a season of learning and unlearning things that I previously held so dearly. I'm at that point in life where I am trying to figure out what I want to do and also trying not to waste my time on pointless things.  Health is wealth they say and I've admittedly fallen woefully short of that which kind of sucks but I think just taking life one day at a time is what I need.


The biggest  thing I'm figuring out at the moment is my faith. It's more of a 'be still' moment and I've had to ask myself some deep questions such as 'Why do I believe what I believe?'. Nothing 'groundbreaking' happened for me to reach such a point but I welcome it because I think it's needed at times to truly appreciate the relationship you have with God. One thing that hasn't changed at the core is my relationship with God and I'm more interested in investing in that than being caught up in the peripherals and watching other people and their interpretations of God. 


I often struggle with thinking about my future and I have this annoying ability to be anxious and impatient as I want to know what will happen now and I want it now  which is ridiculous as life does not work that way. Through all of this, a part of me has been tempted to just stop blogging for a while but I've decided to continue as a means of keeping me 'together' if that makes sense? Writing has always been a way for me to pen my thoughts and vent if need be. Going forward I'll be writing from a more self reflective point of view and if you're interested you're more than welcome to stick around and if not, it's all good either way. I'm doing this for me more than anyone else and it'll help me in navigating the myriad emotions I have that I'm always keeping to myself.


I hope you all have a great week and even if the year didn't start off the way you wanted it to it's ok. Make the most of the upcoming months and do what you can to make them count!