Self Isolating Chronicles 1


Hey, how's it going? Unless you've been living under a rock I guess you too have been affected by Coronavirus due to having to self isolate. I mean, the whole world has been right? But no need to hash out the details, we've got the news for that. And to be honest I don't want this to be another virus related piece because, let's be honest there are loads of those around. And there's nothing wrong with that. I just don't want that. So, apart from the title, this post will not be about that- much. I'm just going to have a little life update/ catch up as I do think it will be cool to look back on this once everything is over because believe me this season will not last forever. I mean it's starting to feel like Groundhog day on 100; days morphing into one another, blurred memories and just all round weirdness.


But enough about that. How are you and how have you been holding up? I'll be honest, the first week I was quite anxious about uni and how assessments will change and what it will mean for me. I decided to just take everything an hour at a time because a day was looking mighty long. Adjusting to online classes has not been too bad. Luckily I only have a few more weeks of that as the taught part of my course is almost over after the Easter holidays.  The ever looming dissertation is yet to start so I have that to look forward to over the Summer. Woo. On the plus side I now no longer need to waste money printing off a hard copy as thanks to that C-word my school only requires an online copy. 'Perks' of social distancing. 


I am currently back in London but still need to go back to Leeds to move out because why waste money on a place I no longer need to be in? I have really enjoyed my time in Leeds though and when all this goes away I look forward to going back for my graduation.


Staying at home with my family has been good and I always knew that I would rather be stuck indoors with family than to be stuck indoors in Leeds. Because flatmates are cool but they're not family. On a normal day I would sometimes feel lonely and I knew that if I stayed in Leeds my mental health would have tanked. I know not everyone chooses to or is able to go home to their family and I do hope that everyone finds the support that they need and that they can during this time.



I did join the Houseparty app and there sure is no party going on there that's for sure. I think I just can't be bothered to actually call anyone and the fact that rooms can just be locked and unlocked without your control at times is a bit weird. But if you are on Houseparty and you know how to get the party started, add me, my name is RuthOA.


I do think it is important to see the positives in any given situation and whilst the circumstances that has brought the world to a somewhat standstill is not great, it is humbling to think that such a time as this may not (and I really pray that it does not) happen again.


That book you want to write? Write it?

The blog you want to start? Start it?

And so on and so forth.


Of course, do not feel compelled to put out content just because. But it is a unique time to explore, brush up on long forgotten talents and also acquire new skills too.


The comforting thing is that you are not alone in all this. 


We cannot control what is happening but we can control our attitude to it all. You can choose to grumble through it all or you can choose to grumble occasionally but for the most part be resilient through it all.



And just think about it, we are literally living through History. Nothing like this has happened before and I pray that nothing like this ever happens again.


P.S. The amount of times that the word unprecedented has been used during all this is unprecedented. And I never want to hear the word again if I had a choice. Lol.