Don't forget to take a selfie



Come, let's take a selfie together

But not on my right side

On the left

Because that is my good side



Nah. The lighting isn't right

It's a bit too harsh.

Let's try that spot over there.

Natural light and all that jazz.






This is not it. 

Way too much light

Never mind.

We will take a selfie next time.



Except that next time never comes.

You've been shot

And I'm here trying to message you

About what the news is trying to say happened to you

And then I remember.



Dead people do not respond to messages

The connection has been cut off.




And now here I am trying to take a selfie

In every sense of the word.

I don't care about my right side

Or the lighting



I would give anything to take one last selfie together









R.I.P. Abraham Badru