My Rebrand


Hello, long time no post right? Well the great things is I have a backlog of posts ready to publish but first of  all it is only right that I re-introduce myself.


As you may have noticed my website name has changed! Why? Well there were a number of reasons. For starters I began to really dislike the name 'Opeytheintrovert'. It would get on my nerves when I was expected to behave a certain way and just be identified by my introvert nature. Don't get me wrong I haven't woken up and overnight suddenly become extroverted. I am still introverted in nature and I make no apologies for that. I do however no longer wish to be identified by that especially as I am branching beyond just writing. I will forever be grateful for the small platform that I built using that name and how blogging under it since my teenage years really helped me express myself. I have grown up now and I also want to explore other things too and that was another challenge.


For a long time I have allowed myself to hide behind my writing sometimes but that is also changing; writing is one of the many different things I do and i do it very well. No need for a humble 'brag' there because one thing I've never been shy about is my ability to write well. I know that it is my God given gift.


Life is long and short at the same time and try as I might I simply am not a person who only focuses on one thing; I have many interests. This used to freak me out and for a short while I wondered if it was normal to be 'all over the place'. I've come to realise that it is normal but most importantly through trying out different things I have a clearer and better understanding of what I want to do and what better way to explore it all than under my name Opeyemi Ruth? I mean, you can't go wrong with your name right? Especially if it is your first and middle name. I am many things but it starts with my name and I realised that how you address yourself both in name and in nature is extremely important. There is nothing like life experience but more importantly what you make of it matters and it is through such, alongside my faith that my confidence has grown. Confidence is a journey but I know that I am a mighty long way from the girl that started off blogging as a way to express herself through bullying and other things too. And if I was to speak to her today I'd tell her that the confidence will come and when it does nobody, absolutely nobody can take it away from you.



I have to say a really big shout out to the crebulbs team who handled my rebranding. They really exceeded my expectations. They have created a step by step design magazine that shows how they came up with the branding and it is a worthwhile read. Well, I would say that wouldn't I? But really, do check it out if you can as it also features more information on the other things I plan on doing under this new brand.



I hope this explains to some degree why I did rebrand. I will also be a lot more active on instagram where I'll be doing more Insta Lives. Let me know your thoughts below, whether its a yay or nay.



Happy new year!