The problem with Omission


What does the word 'Omission' mean? A quick google search reveals the following;


Someone or something that has been left out or excluded.


There are a few other definitions but they all revolved around the same thing; leaving something/someone out.


If you had asked me a week ago what does this mean I would have responded with a textbook response. Recently, however my eyes have been opened.


A friend and I went to an event and met a person who was quite enthusiastic and shared details about an event that they were participating in. He then went on to try and encourage us to attend, though at that point in time we were not set on attending the event. 


It was a pleasant conversation and generic details such as what we do, family and the like were shared. Contacts were shared and I said I would share the word about the event in any little way I could. The person seemed keen in other ways but I feigned ignorance and just shut it down.



Due to other plans for the day falling through my friend and I were actually able to attend the event. As the person was an integral part of the event the host mentioned them in the vote of thanks and also acknowledged the support of their wife.



Hold up.



Wait a minute.




To say my friend and I were shocked was an understatement. The person did not seem too happy when that information was shared.


Let's be clear, none of us were in anyway romantically inclined or interested. If we were however, the attitude of the other party certainly did not discourage it in my opinion and herein lies the problem; why would you omit the fact that you are married?



It especially irks me because in conversation when sharing about the number of siblings I have and the like it was a perfect opportunity to share such. I feel that if you do not have a hidden agenda you will not be keeping such an important aspect to yourself. The absence or even presence of a ring means nothing these days sadly. I've heard stories where this happens but it' weird when it is much closer to home.


I don't know about anybody else but I would not want my spouse to be denying my presence the way that Peter denied Jesus. Marriage is not for everyone and if you feel you cannot commit just don't get married. I have not been married before but I'd be interested to know what my married readers would have to say. What is the acceptable way to conduct yourself as a married woman/man?



Needless to say we will not be interested in anything else that the person has to say because a guy who cannot proudly share such information is a dangerous guy indeed!



Has anyone else had any weird experiences like that? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Have you been the spouse who doesn't readily share such information? Share below- it'll be a judgement free zone.