My 2019


Hello! :)


I love doing these end of year posts and 2019 is no different.  Unlike previous posts(2015,20162017,2018,) I will focus on the most important lesson I learnt this year.





I thought I knew what resilience was but boy was I wrong.  Life can be tough, challenging and downright unfair at times and resilience is one of the things that will keep you going. I'm not talking about burying your feelings and moving on. I'm talking about acknowledging that this season is challenging but being determined to push through it. Some days will be better than others. Sometimes emotions will get the better of us and that is ok. What I don't advise is staying down. The cruel thing about life is that it goes on. It sounds so unfair to say but it is the bitter truth. If we consistently crumble at everything that comes our way we will find ourselves not progressing much in life. 


My resilience did not happen overnight and truth be told I am still growing in it. I do know for a fact that things happened in 2019 that would otherwise have shattered me if it were any other year. My faith really helped see me through and I also learnt that faith is a journey- not something that you 'use' only in times of difficulty. On paper the last few months of 2019 were the worst months of my life to date and it took everything within me not to just cancel my 25th and stay home and mope. But in the same breath 2019 was overall one of my best years because I learnt so much about faith and the practicalities of faith.


Truth is, 2020 is still young and whilst we cannot control everything that will happen in this year we can choose to be resilient. Because resilience does not mean that you are devoid of emotions. It means that you are able to recover quickly from tough situations. Some of us have spent years in the same spot mentally because we are yet to overcome and bounce back from certain situations. Being a Christian does not absolve one from the challenges of life. Rather, we have the promise of God's presence in the midst of the storms even when we do not feel His presence. There was a time where I wanted to throw in the towel and be done with this whole 'God' thing.  I can't even say that I understand why certain things have happened. But one thing I can say and that I have seen in my life is that God is good. He is a good good father.



So, make a decision to yourself that no matter what happens in 2020, you will be resilient.


Because tough times don't last but resilient people do.