Long time no post


Hello, it's been a while. A very long while. I didn't intend to be away for so long but it was a welcome break. In between writing my dissertation and navigating this challenging season of my life and not to even mention Covid restrictions that is affecting us all, it has been a very eventful year. It's coming up to a year that I started my masters and my oh my so much has happened in that time. Whilst I cannot share all as I trust God to perfect the testimony, I will share that other things.





I'm so proud of the person I am now and so much has changed for me mentally within a year. Honestly if you knew me this time last year and we haven't really spoken since then well I'm a whole different person. It's a growth that whether people see it or not that's their own business but me? I know I have grown.  What would break me before does not break me now. I am also happy that I am seeing the growth through the process; we do not always have to wait until tough times have ended to appreciate the growth that we have encountered.




Exploring my why


I have had time to really think on so many things. Career wise and otherwise. I have always been a person with multiple interests which can sometimes be a blessing and a curse especially when it comes to a career. It used to worry me and comments from well meaning people at times did not help. Now, I have a clearer idea but make no mistake, I am not that person that will stick with just one thing and I make no apologies for it.



My passion


Growing up I have realised even more how much I love writing and there was a time where I was tempted to find jobs along those lines. I may still do and I may not but what I will say is for now I have decided to do writing on the side for now. Ultimately I would love to do it full time and be consistently paid for doing what I love. Truth be told putting myself out there with this blog, promoting it and the like is tedious but if you don't promote yourself who will? But best believe when the time comes that I can afford to have a marketing team for my brand I will do it because I am all about outsourcing so that you can focus on the main thing that you love. To that end I will mostly be blogging on life experiences and the occasional poem or prose.  I have personal writing projects and I want to dedicate more time to that. It does mean that I may not blog weekly. I never want blogging to feel like a chore as it is meant to be an avenue for me to express myself.  



I am also learning more and more to not compare myself to anyone especially others who may be in a same/similar field as myself. I am me and I do me extremely well. And besides the sky is big enough for us all to succeed.


So, let's all aim for the sky.

And when we get there, let's make room for others to join.

Because the success of your fellow person does not diminish you.


There is beauty in diversity of talents and also how the talents are expressed.



Overall, I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my passions and staying and flourishing in my lane.