Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day! It's an interesting day isn't it? Whilst we can all agree that it's been widely commercialised there's no denying that it manages to get most of us in our feelings-especially if you have no valentine. Why?



I think it's because it's the one day that you are acutely aware that you are single hence this recent trend of it being known as 'singles awareness day'. Of course you may have been single the day before then and possibly the days to follow but theres just something about the 14th that brings your singleness to the fore. Even if you don't want to be reminded you just have to go to your local supermarket and of course social media to remember your status.



Some decide (understandably and sometimes not so) to be bitter about the whole day which requires way too much effort if you ask me whilst others mask their pain with humour via funny memes that they post. Some even 'pretend' not to be phased by the day whilst others genuinely don't care. Whichever camp you belong to, do you and do it well. All I'll say is that don't deceive yourself. It's actually fine if Valentine's Day evokes some kind of emotion in you, though I wouldn't recommend acting on all the emotions. 


The irony of it all is when you're in a committed relationship/marriage, the day isn't so significant to you because you always strive to be intentional about the love you show your partner on any given day. I used to internally roll my eyes when people would say this but as I've gotten older I see that it's actually true. It really is only one day and if you allow it to rob you of your peace, whether you're in a relationship or not then take time to understand why.



If you're in a relationship the pressure can be there to want to 'do something' because everyone else seems to be. There may also be some who feel the need to 'validate' their love by posting their valentine's gift online and that's fine as long as your motive is right. It's a shame that in this day and age most things have become a competition and a 'keeping up with the Jones's' type of thing. Every relationship is different, and certainly all wallets are not equal. Don't go broke trying to compete with others all in the name of Valentine's Day.



Whichever side of the fence you are;single or not, have a lovely Valentine's Day and if nobody else has told you just know that you're beautiful and you are loved <3