Give people their flowers



I recently lost a close family member and as is always the case with me when such happens, I tend to take a trip down memorial lane remembering all the other family and other people that have passed away. This can be overwhelming at times. It is a sober reminder to honour people whilst they are still on this side of the earth and make them feel special where and when you can. We often hear the term 'give people their flowers' whilst they are alive but what does that mean practically?



It could mean sending that happy birthday message, even if you're not the closest of friends or family. Birthdays only come once a year and in my opinion everyone deserves to feel special on that day.



It could mean sending that spontaneous text of 'thanks for being a great friend/cousin/ etc'. We do not have to wait until something is done before we appreciate a person; we can appreciate them for just being who they are.



It could mean showing up to that event/activity/ blog or whatever they do even if it is not your cup of tea. You don't have to show up all the time but every once in a while is nice.  Because you're not going there for the event/activity/ whatever, you're going there for your friend.



It could mean recognising the work they are putting out be it content creation ,businesses etc rather than only saying well done when a significant 'milestone' has been reached. Be that person who celebrates a friend when it is a seemingly 'small' target. No building was built in a day. Celebrate the progress. Anyone can celebrate when a person has 'blown' but not everyone can support when it is still the building phase.



It could mean so many things but you get the idea. Let people know that you love them. Show that you love them. Say that you love them. It is not enough to say 'but you know I love you'. Love works better as a verb. An action.



Give people their flowers whilst they are still alive to receive it. And if they don't like flowers, give them chocolates instead.