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Hey everyone!



As a part of my mission to do more of what makes me happy this year, I have decided to go to the theatre more. I've always loved going since I was exposed in secondary school but as I grew older it was hard to find other friends and people who shared a similar interest. Years would go by and the desire never left. Most importantly going to the theatre is not exactly cheap, let's be real and for most young adults it may not be an expense that they are willing to fork out for.


After wanting to see a play and waiting for others and then finally missing the play I decided that I'm going to do more of what I want whether or not anybody else goes with me.  I started with seeing 'The Lion King' for my birthday last year which was simply amazing and this year I have seen a few other plays. Now, I'm no connoisseur in theatre but I'll give my review on three plays that I went to see.



The Kite Runner


I had seen the adverts for this play for a while and I had it in mind to watch it but not without reading the book first. I had bought the e-book version and it had been gathering virtual dust on my Kindle for a few years now; unopened and unread. Imagine my surprise to see that the play was soon closing-11th March to be precise! Without wasting time I started looking for tickets and I went with a friend. I basically had a week to read the book and I was still reading it whilst collecting the tickets on the day. Needless to say I got to 87% before admitting defeat and getting ready to watch the play. We got our seats for an absolute bargain-£25 for stall tickets courtesy of 'TodayTix'. I've used them for all the plays I've seen in the West end and they've been great and also affordable too. We could see everything without having to crane our necks or manipulate our bodies. 


The play was simple but poignant and did not rely on excessive props or other theatrical gadgets or special effects to get the story out. To be honest it did not need to either and I quite enjoyed watching the story unfold. The cast were not large and often times would play dual roles which did not detract from the story in the grand scheme of things. My only snag was that the character who played Hassan also played Sohrab; I would have loved to see another person, a child to be exact play that part. Like the book it was an emotional play and I found myself on the verge of tears many a times.  What I appreciated the most however was the comedic factor present in the play that I did not get in the book; it really goes to show that plays bring words to life- literally.  It added a nice balance to a sad story and caused me to appreciate the novel in a way that I would not have without seeing the play. 


I'm so happy that I was able to see the play before it ended and I would definitely recommend you see it if they happen to do another season.



My review: 4/5





New Nigerians



I stumbled across the ad for this play on Facebook and needless to say my interest was piqued.  After reading the synopsis I thought I would give it a go and check it out before it ended on the 11th March. I went with a friend to see it on Friday, 10th March. I seem to catch plays before they end and so far it has worked in my favour though I don't want to make it a habit ;)



The play was about politics and also family. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about the political tone beforehand as it brought back memories of heated discussions between uncles at various family gatherings with raised voices. Let's just say that no Nigerian gathering is complete without politics being discussed.  Having said that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the play. The venue was Arcola Theatre and whilst there were only three cast members the play felt full and well executed. The satire was on point and painted a very good picture of how politics in Nigeria works; religion, ethnicity and power all play a key role.



My review: 4/5





An American in Paris


I really feel like I have saved the best until last! I had been seeing adverts for this musical and I thought that I should check it out. In my mind it was a later rather than sooner thought but I decided to see it whilst it was still new to the west end.  A very big perk of this is that tickets are significantly cheaper; I managed to get front row seats through 'todaytix' for £32. Bargain.  Considering that I decided to go alone too it made for a great experience.  Right from the beginning I was hooked and I enjoyed every single minute of the musical. Granted, the stage props and lighting were top notch but it did not get in the way of the story. What I loved the most is that it did not pretend to be what it is not- at the heart it is a love story but not as you would expect. I did not find it to be cliche, predictable or boring and I really feel that it appeals to a wide range of people. Furthermore, I would say it is family friendly as there were no inappropriate scenes but of course I can only speak for myself. The play is based on a film of the same name made in 1928.  


As it is new to the west end there are reduced ticket prices until the 31st March so go and see it! I'm already looking forward to seeing it again in the months to come!




 My Verdict: 5/5






So there you have it-my take on three great plays. I hope to see more and maybe I'll do more reviews in the future!



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