My multi country travels : An introduction

 Hey everyone, how’re you all doing? I’m presently away on my travels and I plan on blogging about it all when I get back. I do feel however that it’s a bit rude for me to just start blogging about it without providing context. I decided to visit some countries in Asia with a friend and I’ve currently been away for a week so far. Our first stop was Kathmandu, Nepal and our next stop was India, where we are now. We’ve checked out Jaipur and we’re now in Agra before going back to Delhi for some more sightseeing. India will then be rounded off with a visit to Mumbai later on before we head off to the next place.


I’m stating this so that you have a rough idea of the chronological order of how the subsequent travel blog posts will be and I’ll really love it if people read it in the order that I will post them in as it will provide a good continuity of my thoughts and experiences. 


There have been a few tough moments but nothing that has made me explicitly want to call it a day and go home. One thing that you know that I’ll say is nothing but my own experiences no matter how unsavoury they may be at times . I’ve decided to make the most of every experience and that has put me in good stead thus far. In the meantime, follow me on my Instagram page if you’re not already and also my Twitter page in order to know where I am in real time. The next time I put up a post may most likely be when I’m back from my travels. I hope that everyone is having fun and making the most of life wherever they are because I certainly am.


Until the next post,