Welcome to my new site!



I'm so excited that I finally have a proper place that I can share my thoughts with you all! As you know I am a writer but I also do have other interests too and I felt it was the right time to branch out a bit. I will still be writing and blogging (I couldn't stop even if I tried too) and I will try to be more regular with the blogs too. There are so many other things that pique my interest too but I don't want to speak too much as actions speak louder than words but if you care long enough to stick out this new season of self discovery with me then I promise you it will definitely be worth the wait! ;)


 A big shout out to the following people who helped in one way or another with this site;



Facesbyfunmi: She did my make-up for the shoot.





Creativesellu : Designed my logo





BBF Photography: The photographer for the shoot




Check them out, they're all  amazing