What kind of friend are you?

So recently I was sitting in my room reminiscing about life as you do and I came across a beautiful quote (on the left).


The part that jumped out to me was the friendship part. I just felt a strong conviction and God really asking me ‘What kind of friend are you?’.


Woah. That caught me wayyy of guard. Like. I would like to think I’m a good friend but then wouldn’t we all? Maybe it’s time we removed the veneers and really take a look at how we’re really like. Try as I might to shake it off (pride) I couldn’t and I really had to sit down and examine myself.




 I’ll be honest with you, I am never the type to ‘cut’ people off. Rather I just let the friendship die a slow natural death where I proceed not to bother and leave it in a state of uncertainty. Is there really a difference between the two? I’m starting to wonder myself. Some of it stems from feeling let down by others but what God made me realize is that sometimes I place ‘conditions’ on my friendships like, ‘We’re friends for as long as you check up on me’ or ‘We’re friends for as long as you support me’. Once that stops, the friendship now has a question mark looming over it. That’s not cool. At all. Life is dynamic and we all have our high and low seasons and friendships shouldn’t be seen as something that is reviewed. I won’t lie I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to love and all of that but I can start with my friends; learning to love unconditionally. Love without expecting anything back and loving your friends even when they’re not being the best friend that they could possibly be (as I have been sometimes). Because if we really sit down and examine some of the friendships that have ceased to exist in our life we have to admit that they could have easily been ironed out and just been a mere bend in the road rather than being a dead end.



Yes, some people will abuse that but show love anyway and don’t ever lower how much of a great friend you can be to others simply because you are not receiving it in return.