Thoughts of the week

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week? The highlight of my week was going to the ‘Holy Desperation’ Conference this Friday which was hosted by Heather Lindsey and her husband Cornelius. She is the founder of the ‘Pinky Promise movement’ which I am a part of in London and it has really been a blessing to me.


You know when you know that a word is just for you and is so apt for the season you are in? Well that was me on Friday evening. I won’t lie, I wasn’t too excited about going and was almost close to just staying at home as I was a little down but I’m so happy I went!



In other news I’ve been thinking about the name of my blog. I don’t want to say I’ve outgrown it because I’m not on the other end of the spectrum. That being said I know that I’m not as tenaciously introverted as I was when I did start the blog (which has been a while but I had a long hiatus before I decided to start afresh on wordpress). I think growing up has played a big part but also most importantly being comfortable and confident in my identity in Christ.


A few people have made some remarks along those lines too and it echoed what I had been thinking for a while.Having said that I do kinda like how opeytheintrovert rolls off the tongue and I think it’s a lovely reminder of the girl I was and the woman that I am becoming. The name itself could be a bit of a puzzle especially considering that I go by my middle name Ruth now but for writing purposes I will always use the name Opeyemi as I love it and I have already been going by that name. I know it sounds a bit confusing and right now I’m not prepared to divulge why I decided to change names. Maybe someday I will and maybe I never will? Who knows😉


I think I’m in that funny ‘growing up’ transitioning period; being 21 does that to you😉




P.S. : Training has been going really well for my Kilimanjaro trip and in case you didn’t know( though I feel like I may go on about it one too many times sometimes) I’m climbing Kili to raise money for the charity Dig Deep. Fundraising has been going well though I still have quite a way to go and deadline is almost round the corner.


Thanks in advance x