Lessons learnt in 2014

So the year is drawing to a close and I don’t know about you but I’ve been in such a reflective mood these past few days. My mind has been going through all the events this past year and whilst some make me smile some, understandably make me grimace. 2014 has been a challenging year for me but definitely one of growth. Growth firstly in my walk with God and also with how I interact with my fellow human beings.  I’ll try and keep this post as light as can be. Below I’ll list what I learnt in the year 2014 in the form of speaking to myself if that makes sense? (Hopefully it does )


1. You’re going to find out so much more about yourself.  Some good and some bad.


2.  Your life is going to take the strangest turn. Something that you never expected.  You’re going to be sad, upset and feel like life is over as you know it. All will be well though because- ‘All things work together for good to those who love God’  Romans 8:28.


3. You’re going to really find out the true meaning of love and realise that God is Love- forever and always. Nothing could ever come close to it and even when it does that’t just it, close but not there.


4. The circle of friends you keep will become smaller. The dodgy ones leave and make way for genuine Christian sisters that you can fully confide in.

And finally,


5. You’re stronger than you ever thought you were. You’ve been to what seems like hell and back but you’ve survived; God got you through this.